Making our bedroom cosy

It’s been a while since we renovated our bedroom, but it’s taken a long time to make it feel cosy and comfortable. I wanted it to be very neutral with just a splash of colour and a few plants thrown in for good measure. I love having a space to relax in, and I sleep much better since we moved Jasper out of our bedroom, which happened a few weeks ago. Hooray! I’d missed reading in bed and spending time in our room too – rather than creeping in and out all evening.

Creating a cosy space has meant buying a few new things, swapping things around, adding some candles and ‘shopping’ from around our home. I like to keep lighting low in bedrooms, so that we can create some calm before bedtime, and pretend that we live a peaceful existence for a small portion of the day. I think I am quite light sensitive as Jared loves a bright light, and I really don’t – he often asks why I am sitting in the dark (!)

I am a stickler for a tidy bedroom – I love leaving the chaos of the downstairs below and returning to a slice of tranquillity upstairs. I always make ours and the boys’ beds every morning, and tidy up anything on the floor. It’s part of my routine, and I love opening all of the curtains and blinds too. It makes me feel ready for the day.

I’m not sure what you would call the style that we have gone for, but I’m really pleased with it. It’s such a contrast to how it was before and sometimes I cannot believe that it is the same room.

Chair – IKEA

Green cushion – H&M

Long cushion – Maud Interiors

Black and cream cushion – Graham & Green

Bed – The English Bed Company

Bedside table – Urbansize

Bedding – Secret Linen Store

Shelf and pink cushion – La Redoute

Curtains and blind – Blinds2Go

Wall lights – Iconic Lights

Beaded light fitting – Maisons Du Monde

Mirror – Car boot sale

Mattress – Eve

Chest of Drawers – Barker and Stonehouse

Brass hooks – Anthropologie

Laundry baskets – Homesense

Star constellation print – MrStarskyAmsterdam

Together forever print – FreddieTheKid

E xx


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