Some new (and old) discoveries during the Easter holidays | REVIEW

We had such a fantastic time during the Easter holidays. Two weeks feels like a proper break for everyone – we fully check out of school and after school activities. It also gives enough time for all of the homey fun, plus day trips and time with cousins. There are so many great things to do around Easter, without the pressure of Christmas and the milder weather certainly helps too.

The three older boys like to stay in for the first few days to play with their toys, make things and play in the garden. It was difficult to persuade them to leave the house even for a short outing, and some days it was close to 3pm when we headed out to a park or a run around. I felt a noticeable shift this holiday that Win and Ru are growing up, and it is bittersweet in every way. They are becoming a lot easier and can be a real help, but it’s also the end of an era. I’m really enjoying having both ‘older’ children (although not that old) and younger ones.

We discovered a few new places this holiday and I wanted to share them with you – even though I am getting increasingly worse at taking photographs!

Abbey House Museum

Abbey House Museum was a new discovery for us – a real gem, with so much more inside than you first expect. We stepped back in time to dimly lit Victorian streets to discover Victorian homes, livelihoods, shops and clothes, and the boys were totally enthralled. We all really enjoyed exploring the exhibits and learnt so many new things. I particularly enjoyed reading all about mourning periods during Victorian times and how strictly they were observed. There was also a whole section dedicated to Victorian play, toys and games which was fascinating.

We arrived after lunch time, but having a picnic at Kirkstall Abbey followed by a visit to the Abbey House Museum would make the perfect day out. The museum has free parking, is reasonably priced and the café serves delicious cake, food and drink.

Fairburn Ings

Avid readers of my blog will know Fairburn Ings is nothing new for us, but the boys really do love it, and we can easily spend 3 or 4 hours walking around and playing in the park. There was an Easter quiz which Winston loved filling in, and we spotted lots of birds too.

Brimham Rocks

I hadn’t been to Brimham Rocks for over 10 years, and decided that it would be a great plan to take the boys. In hindsight, it was not the most ideal outing with a baby, a 3, 5 and 7 year old from a parent’s viewpoint, but the three eldest loved it and have asked me more than once to go back. So for that reason – I am glad that we went. We were lucky that Jared’s joined us, and without them it would have been very stressful as the rocks are big, and the boys really needed monitoring. We will probably wait a few years before taking them back (!)

The Forbidden Corner

I had never heard of The Forbidden Corner before my sister invited us, and what a find! My photographs do not give an accurate reflection of what is there – it is somewhere you really have to experience to understand. It involves a labyrinth of tunnels, bizarre sculptures, secret doors, water features and hidden follies. It’s spectacular, and is probably best for children over 4, as some of the tunnels can be quite creepy. You must book in advance, and you won’t be disappointed.

Lego Discovery Centre Manchester

One morning we headed to Trafford Centre in Manchester to visit the Lego Discovery Centre. All our older boys love Lego so it was an easy win for a day out and we did a little bit of shopping too. The slight downer on our day was that Jared felt ill half way through, so he headed back to the car and I stayed a couple more hours. This meant that I couldn’t take them on any of the rides, but it couldn’t be helped. I took Winston and Otto (Ru fell asleep and decided he didn’t want to come) out to Yo! Sushi in Leeds that evening, for a fun little adventure.

I hope that you had a wonderful Easter!

E xx

Many thanks to Abbey House Museum for inviting us for a visit free of charge. All thoughts and feelings are my own, and we will absolutely be visiting again.


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