Hedgehogs Don’t Live in the City! | REVIEW

What’s that beneath the pile of fallen leaves? What’s that pootling past the postbox? What’s that with velvet ears behind a log? What’s that making a purring and whistling sound? What’s that weaving carefully and sniffing the air? 

Could it really be a hedgehog?

‘Hedgehogs Don’t Live in the City!’ is a delightful new book for children (and adults alike) by Lucy Reynolds and Jenna Herman. The book takes you on a journey through a bustling city in search of a sweet, spiky creature. And her babies. It’s the perfect game of hide-and-seek to get your children excited about nature, and to start noticing the world around them.

Can you spot a stag beetle? What about a worm? Or a bumble bee? Or perhaps an ant?

Also by Lucy and Jenna, is the captivating ‘Parrots Don’t Live in the City!’ – a stunning tale of ring-necked parakeets living in a city close to you. Lucy and Jenna have known each other for over twenty years, and now their friendship has been made even more beautiful with the creation of these two books. 

What I’ve noticed is that my boys use ‘Parrots Don’t Live in the City!’ and ‘Hedgehogs Don’t Live in the City!’ in completely different ways. Otto (at 2) enjoys finding creatures and spotting animals, and Win and Ru (at 4 and 6) love following the text as it winds over the pages. They also love spotting a hedgehog’s bottom (of course), counting and learning new facts about trees, insects and birds.

From a readers point of view, it is lovely. I absolutely love that Lucy hasn’t used the most obvious words which gives the opportunity to discuss new words and meanings. My personal favourites are ‘pootling’, ‘encasement’, ‘thunderous’, ‘lofty’ and ‘foliage’. Jenna’s illustrations couldn’t be anymore enchanting. They are gorgeous.

Did you know that hedgehogs have adapted well to urban living? But they really, really need our help? Did you know that a group of ring-necked parakeets is called a pandemonium? Did you know that nobody knows exactly where the parakeets came from? I didn’t either. At the end of each book we are treated to some useful facts and tips.

Here are a few ways that you can help hedgehogs living close to your home: 

      • Create a hedgehog house and feeding station in a green space close to you, stocked with meaty cat or dog food.
      • Avoid using slug pellets and pesticides.
      • Leave wild areas and piles of logs in your garden.
      • Join gardens together by leaving little holes in fencing.

Visit Doodles & Scribbles to buy copies for a nature loving child. Stunning prints (I love this one), and activity gift boxes are also available, and would make the most perfect gift! 

E xx

Many, many thanks to Lucy & Jenna for gifting us these two beautiful titles. Both books are a never-ending treat for the eyes, and the ears. I know that they will be loved for years to come. 


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  1. Debs | Tiger Mint
    14th December 2018 / 1:23 pm

    What pretty books 🙂 I take care of a 6 year old and he’d love these
    Debs @ https://tiger-mint.com

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