Weekend brunch at William’s Den | REVIEW

The summer holidays are well under way, and after getting Win and Ru to write a little ‘wish list’ of activities (or just food) in Ru’s case – we are slowly making our way through them. I am being strict about pacing myself, and am going to bed embarrassingly early (think 7pm), if I need to. My favourite thing about the school holidays has got to be the slower mornings. The boys will take a while to get dressed, we have time to play and eat a leisurely breakfast. It is so nice.

September is going to be a huge month of transition for all of us – Win will be starting Year 2, Ru will be starting Reception, Otto will be starting nursery and Jared and I will be adjusting to becoming a new family of six. What could go wrong? I’m trying my best to cherish our last days as a five, even though I am not feeling particularly cheery during these last few weeks of pregnancy.

We’ve had some really lovely days out to some of our favourite spots including William’s Den, and we were excited to be invited to sample their brunch menu a couple of weeks ago. Their brunch menu is brand new, and available on a Saturday and a Sunday from opening until 12 noon.

We all changed our minds at least three times before settling on our final choices. In the end, Otto and Rufus chose yoghurt and fruit, Winston chose chocolate spread on toast, I chose granola and Jared invented his own option (he’s fussy and gluten intolerant) – bacon, scrambled egg and sausage on a gluten free bread roll, which he absolutely loved! We washed it down with smoothies and orange juice – and Otto stole just about everybody else’s food after eating his own. We left absolutely nothing behind, which is always a good sign.

Brunch has got to be my favourite meal to eat out – it feels so special, frivolous almost, and I just love everything about breakfasty food. We were so happy with the food, but as always we were so impressed with the staff at William’s Den. Every single member of staff is helpful, happy and accommodating, which for me, makes all the difference.

After our delicious brunch, there was only one thing left to do – EXPLORE! and the boys had such a brilliant time doing just that. At the end of our visit, we were treated to some incredible ice cream – made in house at William’s Den. It was absolute perfection, and the best end to our family outing.

E xx

Huge thanks to the lovely people at William’s Den for inviting us to try their delicious new brunch menu. All thoughts and feelings are my own. 


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  1. 16th August 2018 / 11:18 pm

    William’s Den looks incredible, I was impressed with your last post about it too. And I agree with you about brunch, it’s my favourite guilty pleasure as well!

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