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The last time I wrote about toys was almost three years ago. The boys’ interests have changed a lot since then, so I thought I would share some of their current favourite toys. I still feel like our toy selection is pretty minimal, but the three of them seem to manage without any problems. They rarely ask for new toys (other than adding to their Lego collection), and since we moved house; they play in the garden for hours which is so nice, and exactly what I imagined when we first viewed our new home.

I think really carefully before buying them new toys, and try to find ones that will appeal to all three of them for different reasons. I also try to stay well clear of anything that relates to a film, or a character too – because it gives the toy a much shorter shelf life. Plus, you can guarantee that they will all prefer a different character.

Winston is 6, Rufus is 4 and Otto is 2 – and here are some of the toys that they are playing with:

  1. Lego – The boys’ Lego collection is left out most of the time, which is no surprise. It’s funny how Winston didn’t play with Lego until he was almost five, whereas Otto has been around it since birth and seems to know what to do with it. We have a few large Lego boards, and store it in a Stuffel bag.  Lego is so good for promoting creativity and it lasts a lifetime.
  2. Schleich animals – There is an outlet close to our home that sells Schleich animals, and each time I go I buy one or two to add to our collection. Each animal costs between £2-£6 – but they will last forever, and they are played with every single day. Otto and Ru line them up and then it ends in a big battle (of course). I bought a job lot of dinosaurs from ebay that are kept with the animals too. Otto is not good at sharing his beloved cheetah.
  3. Train set – Winston and Otto love this the most, and it is still out often. We haven’t added to it for a while as we haven’t needed to – the three of them can play with it at the same time. Otto can get quite possessive over some of the trains, so it often ends with him breaking everything up. Classic.
  4. Stickle bricks – I loved playing with these as a child, and my mum bought the boys some a few Christmases ago. They’re great for small fingers because they’re chunky and easy to push together. The colours are nice and bright too, and great for the imagination.
  5. Play kitchen and toy food – Win and Ru have had a tea set for a while, but last year we added a play kitchen from IKEA and they all love it, especially Otto. He loves setting out a little party and seems to enjoy making lots of soup. I love watching him getting busy in the kitchen, and it is set up in his bedroom.
  6. Duplo – Again, not a surprise. Duplo is perfect when they want to build something quickly, and it’s not as delicate as Lego – exactly what Otto needs.
  7. Army men – Rufus especially loves setting up a battle. He will play for hours and hours setting up the tanks, army men and walls. Not fun if you step on them though!
  8. Wooden blocks – These are usually used in conjunction with either the army men (to set up battle fortifications) or with the Schleich animals (to set up a zoo). My mum found some at a charity shop, and then I added some Kapla blocks from ebay. They’re just really handy to have around.

Other toys they love are Polydron (which I bought second hand) and their Hape marble run.

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  1. natalielittlejampotlife
    12th June 2018 / 8:15 pm

    Our toys literally include the same you’ve listed here including some others. One thing I want to get them is magnatiles? I think they’d really like them and heard great things about them too! We’re also a fan of home made playdough, Phoenix is still really into dinosaurs and ninja turtles, and the girls love their arts and crafts too. We made an ikea hack for the Lego, a £5 ikea table then boards from bargainmax, a great station for them to play but we’re now lacking space for four of them! Melissa & doug stampers are great too. Ihave a declutter quite often, but one thing I find tricky is when others buy your child things that you know is going to either end up broken, or just fill more clutter…. difficult saying thanks, but no thanks as then i look like the bad guy! ah! Lovely photos x

    • Esther
      28th June 2018 / 9:08 pm

      I totally agree with you Nat. It’s awful when you feel like you are telling people what to buy your kids – but I also know what will break and what will cause arguments (!) I’ve heard of magnatiles – must look into them more. Also lots of arts and crafts here too – mainly in the holidays when we get the chance xx

  2. 12th June 2018 / 8:48 pm

    I loved reading about your boys toys Esther- very similar selection to ours, though my boys don’t play much with the animals, and seem to prefer cars and vehicles- (which we have way too many of as it’s all everyone every buys them!) I am also quite picky with toys and rarely buy any unless I’ve really thought about how much they will play with them, longevity etc… I LOVE the toy baskets too- I imagine they make the toys much more accessible and also enticing to play with too. Gorgeous photos xx

    • Esther
      28th June 2018 / 9:11 pm

      The baskets make it so much easier to tidy things away, as they know exactly where things go. I get stressed out if things are all mixed up – which is ridiculous! Haha! It does mean that we always know where things are though. My two eldest love cars and vehicles too – but I feel like our youngest (and Blue Planet II) have converted them to animals which is nice xx

  3. 13th June 2018 / 7:41 am

    Esther! I’m so pleased we have most of this collection too! Bar the little animals – we only have a spider and a turtle. We got them at the national history museum on Sandy’s birthday and i’m Looking forward to adding to the collection!

    • Esther
      28th June 2018 / 9:12 pm

      Toys sorted for the grandchildren coming to play too! Fingers crossed that I have some grandchildren! We haven’t got the turtle – cute! xx

  4. 13th June 2018 / 12:29 pm

    I don’t buy my children toys. They get them bought by relatives and friends on birthdays and Christmas but, like you, I don’t feel they need too many. They actually rarely play with them, preferring to be outside. Lego is always a favourite isn’t it? A nice relaxing way to pass the time.

    • Esther
      28th June 2018 / 9:17 pm

      That is such a great set up. Having a garden is like having a whole new world – definitely my favourite thing about our house move, and YES, Lego is fantastic and always will be xx

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