Last week we spent a lovely few days at Center Parcs with Jared’s family. I feel embarrassed that I have been away so much over the last month, but apart from Greece, everything else was quite last minute and we didn’t have any other plans, so why not? We all went swimming lots and I love it when the boys get to spend time with their cousins. We spent the weekend in Norwich at my sister’s for a family celebration, which was wonderful. Now I’m excited to properly start our summer holidays – days out, beach trips, more time with cousins, plus baking and making. How are yours going?

R: One of Ru’s goals over the summer is to learn how to ride his bike with stabilisers. He rides the pedals forwards half the way around, then backwards, then forwards again. In usual Ru style he will not take any advice, or direction, so I’m not sure how we will get on with this one. He assures me that he desperately wants to learn how to ride it though.

O: Otto does not a miss a thing, especially when food is concerned. My other two loved food, but this guy is another level. I regularly have to let him empty my nappy bag to prove that there isn’t any food left in it. Lots of his vocabulary is food related – ‘gone’, ‘more’, ‘bar’ ‘apple’. He is picking up new words all the time, and it’s so much fun.

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