Sri Lankan fish curry with HelloFresh

I love trying out new recipes, so when HelloFresh got in touch to ask me to check out their flavour generator, of course I said yes! The flavour generator is an easy gadget that generates a recipe for dinner based on what you fancy. Choose your cuisine – Italian, Indian, Mexican, British or Middle Eastern, and then your flavour – spicy, tangy, herby or sweet.

For our dinner I chose Indian cuisine, and then spicy for the flavour. The flavour generator gave me chilli and cardamon, and then two recipes to choose from. Out of the two options I chose Sri Lankan fish curry because it didn’t look too spicy and all three of my boys love fish. We had our Sri Lankan fish curry with flatbread, rice, lime and broccoli, and the boys absolutely loved it – even more than I expected which is always a win!

The flavour generator is a great way to discover new recipes, and mix things up a little. The recipes come with step by step instructions that are really easy to follow, plus they have images too. HelloFresh deliver boxes of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients to your door, so you can create nutritious recipes that are simple and super, super tasty.

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