What’s in my changing bag?

This is just a little bit of fun. Strictly I don’t have a changing bag, I just have a few larger bags that fit everything in – my day to day preference is a rucksack, but if I’m feeling fancy I quickly transfer everything. The contents of my changing bag change regularly, as the needs of my children change. Six months ago I would have carried a spare set of clothing for Rufus and a changing mat for Otto, but I don’t carry either now. At three, Ru doesn’t need much (other than snacks), but Otto still needs a few essentials.

Here is what I like to carry:

  • Nappies – I always carry at least 4 nappies with me. My favourite nappies are Morrisons’ own brand. I sometimes try out another brand just to reaffirm my love for them, but I always come back.
  • Wipes – Always Huggies. I love them, and couldn’t be persuaded to change.
  • Nappy bags – Weirdly I only started using nappy bags a few months ago. I find them really useful, not just for nappies, but for wet and dirty clothes and shoes.
  • A spare set of clothing for Otto – Usually a vest and a pair of trousers.
  • A spare pair of socks – I always carry a pair of Ru’s, as they are the best fit for the three of them. It’s surprising how often we need a spare pair of socks for one of them.
  • The Body Shop hemp cream – I wash my hands so many times a day, so I am never far from a tube of this. I keep one in the car too. It doesn’t smell particularly delicious, but it doesn’t matter, because it’s amazing. I use it for my hands and lips.
  • Weleda nappy cream – My favourite nappy cream, closely followed by Burt’s Bees Diapier Ointment. It’s a little more expensive than other creams, but you only need a tiny bit and it does the job perfectly. It’s so good.
  • Teething granules, Calpol sachets and plasters – These are slim and I keep a couple of each in my purse, just so I don’t have to worry about getting caught out, particularly if we’re away.
  • Giant muslin blanket – I’ll probably carry this around with me until Otto stops napping. It’s his signal for nap time and I pass it to him in the car, or the buggy when it’s time to sleep. It’s also good for a scarf, or as a sun shade.
  • Snack bag – This is a little muslin bag from IKEA that I fill with a bib, quick snacks (usually a fruit pouch and some Nakd bars), an empty sippy cup and a baby spoon. The little bags come in a pack of four and I find them handy for lots of things.
  • Water bottle – I just bring one water bottle out with me. Ru is fine to share with now (no backwash), and I just pour water into Otto’s sippy cup when he needs a drink.
  • Purse – Of course!
  • Phone – Recently I’ve left my phone at a café, and at a garden centre. I think it’s time to start leaving it at home. Some lovely people made sure we were reunited.
  • Sunglasses – My eyes water terribly in the sun, so I always have these with me.
  • Tissues – For runny noses.

E xx


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