My love for baby carriers and the Stokke MyCarrier

I use baby carriers a lot. I find them so convenient for the school run, popping to the shops, days out, food shopping and for short walks with my boys. I always take my carrier in the car, or quickly stash it on the bottom of our buggy, because you never know when it will come in handy. I bought an ergobaby Original from eBay when Win was close to one, and really regretted not owning one earlier. I love my ergobaby Original – it’s amazing (and now belongs to my sister), but the Stokke MyCarrier Front and Back is really something special.

The main difference between the Stokke MyCarrier and most other carriers, is that it is not an all-in-one, meaning it comes with three separate parts – a harness, a front carrier and a back carrier (together, it is aptly named a 3-in-1). The harness is required for both positions, and the front and back carrier sections are interchangeable, depending on where you plan to carry your child. The great thing about having separate front and back sections is that they are designed for a precise purpose.

Another big difference between the Stokke MyCarrier and other carriers, is the presence of a pair of aluminium bars that are slotted into the back carrier. They help the wearer to maintain an good posture, and offer extra support. However, the aluminium bars do mean that the carrier cannot easily be rolled up and put into a bag. The Stokke MyCarrier also offers two height positions when back carrying, one recommended for 9-18 months and the other for 18-36 months. The change is easily made with the help of Velcro and a couple of poppers.

The third remarkable difference concerning the Stokke MyCarrier is that it has over the shoulder straps for the child as well as the parent. This makes your child extra secure, and offers extra reassurance. Your child is strapped into the carrier first, and then strapped to your body. It’s like putting on a rucksack, albeit a warm and wriggly one! It feels very novel, but makes absolute sense. For front carrying, your child is inserted through the side which means no struggling to attach a buckle behind your back. Genius. The front carrier is snug, and the back carrier is super secure.

The Stokke MyCarrier features a head support – essential for nap time, and everything about it is slick. Even the buckles look stylish, and are a dream to adjust once you know how. Each buckle, carabiner and strap is positioned ergonomically, exactly where you would expect, which is surprisingly refreshing.

The Stokke MyCarrier is my new favourite, however I still adore the ergobaby 360, and the Boba 4G is also a truly brilliant carrier. Another to consider is the Free-to-Grow that has recently been released by Tula. It sounds fantastic.

Before parting with your money, it is wise to try a few carriers out – personal preference plays a huge part in the carrier you choose. It will also be the difference between the carrier becoming your new best friend, or just being left on a shelf. Nearly new carriers are always available through eBay at a really good price.

E xx

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  1. 18th May 2017 / 8:18 pm

    I absolutely love baby (and toddler/kid) wearing. We’ve used a few. But so far in my six and a half years of parenthood I love the liberty sling (moby style) and my trusty boba 3G. It gets used everyday! Fab thoughts here, looks like a great carrier. I love cool features too x

    • 23rd May 2017 / 10:00 am

      I love wraps too! Brilliant for when they are little xx

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