May Favourites

I feel like I have come out of May a different person – one with less hope in the world and in humanity. I have been so saddened by the horror in Manchester, and although tragedy can bring people together – I feel like it has really knocked me. Knocked my faith in the world, and left me feeling quite helpless. I’m heartbroken for those who have lost loved ones, and I hope time will provide some comfort. I can’t imagine how those families are feeling.

I didn’t intend to start this post so seriously, but the attack has cast a huge shadow over May for me. Be assured – the rest of this post is highly frivolous, and lighthearted.

Here are my favourites for May:

  • BobellaCo – A beautiful Etsy macrame shop. So subtle, and sweetly hung on driftwood. Handmade in Newcastle. Discovered through More Than Just – another super talented creative.
  • Ian Brady: the Moors murderer – I watched this Channel 5 documentary and it blew my mind. Documentaries like this always set a whole whirlwind of thoughts in my head about how, who and what shapes people – for better and for worse.
  • Stokke MyCarrier – I have written an in depth post about the Stokke MyCarrier, but thought I would just give it another mention. I really love it.
  • La Redoute – I’ve recently rediscovered La Redoute. Gorgeous ladies clothing, and super stylish interiors that are absolutely worth a look – plus they regularly have events with 30-40% off.
  • Where’s Wally? Travel – My mum bought this for both Rufus and Winston for Christmas, but only recently found Ru’s in a cupboard somewhere. He can look at it, and look at it. We take it in the car, to lunch dates and to church and it really helps keep him entertained.
  • Lion – This film is based on a true story. It is a beautiful and emotional story about an Indian boy who gets separated from his family, is adopted by an Australian couple, and then 20 years later goes back to India to find his real family. You will definitely need some tissues. It is so moving, and just stunning.
  • Star Wars Identities Exhibition – It’s probably best that you’re a Star Wars fan if you are going to this exhibition, but it’s not essential – it’s impressive either way. The exhibition goes through some of the struggles of the characters, and shows you how they were developed and came to look how we know them. Many of the original costumes are on display, as well as robots and model spaceships used for the films.
  • Ed Sheeran – I have a lot of love for Ed Sheeran and his new album. It is so feel good, and such a mix of content.
  • Isobel Alice – Handmade textile art made in Cornwall, inspired by the sea. Perfect for the coastal dwellers, and animal lovers amongst us. Although I am neither, I love her illustrations, and the beauty of her work.
  • Next slider sandals – I love all the flat sliders that are around at the moment, and Next have the most amazing selection. After three years mine are ruined, and I can’t decide which ones to buy. Plain is probably sensible, but I do love embroidery and pom poms. 

June, we’re ready for you!

E xx

This is not a sponsored post. 



  1. 31st May 2017 / 9:18 pm

    Aw we watche Lion the other night I was a mess just felt like I was crying through the whole film. The actors and actresses really were amazing with portraying the real emotions I felt. I really really loved it. I too am horrified a what happened this may. Im shocked really and I can’t even bare to watch the news anymore because it bings me to tears when I hear about it. I feel like bubble wrapping my whole family. Sending hugs Esther xxx

    • 7th June 2017 / 10:02 pm

      It is such a stunning film, and I agree that the actors and actresses deliver it perfectly. So moving. Thank you so much Tanita xx

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