The Kiddy Evoluna i-Size car seat a few months on

Otto has grown lots since our first Kiddy Evoluna i-Size instalment, and we love it even more than we did then. We’ve had the chance to get to know it much better, and different features stand out now that Otto is older – we don’t often use the ‘lie-flat’ feature, simply because he only naps twice a day. Since last time, I’ve washed it, purchased pushchair adaptors and had the opportunity to adjust the straps.

Otto is a few days off turning one, and he still fits comfortably into his Evoluna – his head, feet and arms are easily accommodated. By 11 months, both Win and Ru had moved onto the next size car seat, but the Evoluna is designed for babies up to 15 months, and I think perfectly average sized Otto will make it to the full 15 months. I do look forward to when they forward face though, because I love seeing their face in my rear view mirror, as they watch the world go by. I’ll have to just wait.

We are still thrilled with our Evoluna, and here are some more things that we love about it:

  • How well the covers wash, and how easy they are to take off, wash, and put back on again. They come up as good as new.
  • The padding. It is so thick, and so comfortable – if only Kiddy made an adult sized one! In comparison to the Maxi Cosi Pebble that I had for baby Winston and baby Rufus, this is like a throne. A very luxurious one.
  • How easy the straps are to move up and down – a very recent discovery. With a simple twist of a key they smoothly slide up and down. It beats the squeezing and wiggling that I’ve had to deal with in the past.
  • The Kiddy Evoluna i-Size is now compatible with most popular pushchair brands. I have a Bugaboo Bee 3, and after purchasing adaptors through eBay we were good to go. The Bugaboo Bee 3 is light, smooth and nippy. I was worried the Evoluna would feel heavy, and look oversized, but I had nothing to worry about.
  • I keep the car seat adaptors attached all of the time, but if you do want to remove them, there are some snazzy button that release them instantly.
  • I love that the main chair padding is in two pieces rather than one. This means the the padding sits beautifully flat as soon as the straps are adjusted, or the carrier is in the ‘lie flat’ position.
  • I mentioned this last time, but it really is a dream to attach (and detach) on (and off) the ISOFIX base 2. Literally two seconds. And moving the ISOFIX base 2 between cars isn’t an ‘event’ in the slightest.
  • The hood. The hood size is generous and this eliminates the need for a sunshade. I think it also makes the child feel cocooned, especially if they are having a snooze.
  • Everything about the Evoluna is sleek and design led. From the logo, the colour and the shape, to the mechanics and the fabric. It’s designed not only with safety in mind, but also for style conscious parents. My Evoluna has had so many compliments from friends and strangers, which actually makes me feel really embarrassed…but people love it.
  • The Evoluna has had a stylish update for 2017, and is also available in eight fun, bold and bright colours including red, lime green and teal.

The Kiddy Evoluna i-Size infant carrier has a higher price tag than most infant carriers, however the price does include the ISOFIX base 2. The Evoluna gives total peace of mind that your child is safe and secure, and let’s not forget the innovative ‘lie-flat’ technology that makes it so unique.

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