Half term crafts and baking

One evening this week, Win, Ru and I wrote a half term bucket list. Win has six days off altogether, and I’m really excited to have him home, because he loves making things and being outside. When he’s around I don’t have to persuade Ru to leave the house, because he is more than happy to follow Win’s lead. They came up with six things – go swimming, half term crafts (and baking for Ru), visit the Railway Museum, watch Trolls, go on a bike ride and have an indoor picnic.

I like to keep school holidays flexible, but I also like to have a loose plan, so that we’re never stuck for ideas and don’t risk wasting a day. Our plans change depending on the weather, and what side of bed the kids wake up on (!) I’ve been collecting some craft ideas and thought I would share them with you. I don’t think for one second that we will get round to doing all of these crafts, but miracles can happen!

  1. Bird feeders and a garland – Birds are in need of extra TLC at this time of year, and I love this garland of treats.
  2. Stick loom weaving – I’ve wanted to try stick weaving for a while. You could even make a whole morning of it – head out to collect wishbones sticks and then get weaving. I think Win will have the patience for it now he’s a little older.
  3. Nature paintbrushes – Wands, or paintbrushes? I think these are gorgeous.
  4. Chocolate bark – A selection of dark, milk and white chocolate, plus extras scattered on would make a lovely gift for someone. Simple and effective.
  5. Play dough – We love making play dough and it’s even better when it’s smells good too.
  6. Making a set of story stones – Great for the imagination, creating stories and quiet time. You can choose a theme, or freestyle it, and keep them in a little bag.
  7. Writing your name with nature – Collecting nature’s treasures for each letter of their name. So pretty.
  8. Scavenger hunt – I love the idea of a simple scavenger hunt. Write the words for Win, and draw pictures for Ru. I wonder what we will find?
  9. Butterfly buns – A classic bake when you are little. I remember going to a lady’s house with my cousin to learn how to make them properly.

What fun things will you be getting up to over half term?

E xx



  1. 7th February 2017 / 8:06 pm

    Oh some lovely crafts, love the story stones. We painted slates when we were on holiday last year and we had our friends’ children with us too, so there were for children aged from 2 to 16. All of them loved stone painting, we enjoyed joining in too, quite therapeutic.

    • Esther
      7th February 2017 / 9:11 pm

      That is such a gorgeous visual you just created in my mind. Sounds very therapeutic, and all round wonderful. I hope we get round to making them over half term x

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