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A bit late to the party with my 2016 round-up, but it’s something I love looking back on. I didn’t want to miss it, even if it means being two weeks late. 2016 has been a funny old year. A lot can certainly happen in 365 days – a new baby, my precious Dad was buried and Win starting school are what immediately spring to mind. It would be wrong of me to label 2016 as good, or bad. All I can say is that lots of experiences have felt very ‘new’, and I’ve learnt a lot about myself. I also can’t articulate how thankful I am for everything that I have. Sometimes words are not enough.

The last few years we have spent New Year’s Eve on the North York Moors Railway, travelling between Pickering and Grosmont. This year, thirty three of us travelled by coach, and then stopped to eat lunch together in Grosmont. It is such a special way to spend the last day of the year, and a great tribute to my Dad. It is followed by food, games and dancing until late.

Our first day trip of 2016 was a day at Whitby beach. It was cold, and we enjoyed both hot chocolate and ice cream. Ru spent his second birthday at The Railway Museum in York and this is the last time I ever spoke to my Dad. I remember him so well on that day, which is wonderful. Win turned four and Otto arrived a tardy (not that I’m bitter) two weeks late on Easter Sunday. Happy Easter to us! The last thing I felt like eating after giving birth was chocolate, which made me quite cross.

We went on a family holiday to Portugal as a five. It was hands down the most relaxing holiday I have ever been on. We managed to spend a day in Lisbon which was fun. During the summer we went on holiday to France with Jared’s side of the family, and then to Cornwall with my side of the family. Win started school, and Ru mastered potty training.

I agreed to have a family photoshoot, which we were over the moon with. I am so pleased that we went for it. 2016 has been a crafty year too, and we loved discovering Rainbow Factory in Leeds. More recently we visited Stockholm and Stockeld Park. They both got us in the festive mood.

So far, 2017 feels like a blank canvas. I haven’t felt like that at the start of a new year for a long time. We have very limited, loose plans and there is a sense of freedom that comes with that. I have decided to do something for my 30th birthday in July. The date is set and I feel quite excited about it. I also have an interior design project that I’m going to be working on – a great opportunity. By this time next year Win will be in the throes of Year 1, Ru will be at nursery heading towards school and Otto will be a walking, talking toddler. It’s incredible.

This little space has been a little erratic over the last year, so I’m sorry about that, and thank you for sticking with me. My favourite posts to write are always the posts that fit in my ‘Thoughts On’ section, and I’m surprised (and pleased) that these are coming up as my most popular from 2016. I love writing them, and here is a little summary of what people enjoyed reading in 2016:

My most popular posts this year were:

Other very popular posts were:

My favourites to look back on:

A few things we’ve made:

Posts you may find useful:

I hope 2017 is a happy one!

E xx



  1. 11th January 2017 / 12:25 pm

    I like the sound of your trip on New Years Eve, such a lovely idea. I know this must have been a tough year for you loosing your Dad, it’s nice that you can look back and see so many happy memories too. Your ‘thoughts on’ posts are always my favourite too 🙂 Happy New Year Esther xx

    • Esther
      15th January 2017 / 9:44 pm

      Thank you Hayley, and yes there have been so many happy memories along the way xxx

  2. 11th January 2017 / 2:03 pm

    So many changes in 2016 right? I’m so sorry that the news with your Dad happened, but very happy for you that you welcomed little O. I’ve loved following your journey through this blog and finally meeting you at Britmums too. X

    • Esther
      15th January 2017 / 9:45 pm

      Thanks Nat. That is really kind xx

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