We’ve had a very quiet weekend. On Saturday we spent an hour at a Mess Around Christmas event, and all three boys had a brilliant time. Win and Ru don’t like mess, but I dared them to get as messy as possible and half way through they decided to go for it. It really was such good fun – I was really impressed. It was followed by a visit to the garden centre to buy a few Christmas decorations, and some bits for the birds.

I was pleased when Ru and O spent an hour or so playing with Duplo nicely together. Ru was building O trucks and towers rather than snatching everything from him.

R: Getting dressed is a bit of a sore point. He can manage everything apart from his socks, but getting him to do it is a total nightmare! He is so happy naked…I was exactly the same as a child, so I only have myself to blame!

O: O has been pulling himself up this week. He is so much more eager than his brothers were. Maybe we’ll have to install those kitchen cupboard locks after all.

E xx

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