Growing up gradually

I don’t know why I expected Win starting school to be a big event. Looking back it was silly to assume that him walking into his new classroom wearing his shiny new uniform would be; because so many moments in his life have prepared him for his new ‘school boy’ status. From play group, to activities we’ve done at home, to playing with his cousins, play dates with friends, days out, days at nursery, attending church and meeting his new teacher. It’s all been little by little, and his confidence has grown step by step. I suppose it’s the same with all of us.

With Win starting school I’ve noticed a little shift in our household over the last few weeks – all three boys seem to have moved on to a new stage. Win at school, Ru having to find his own way, and O sitting up and starting to enjoy food. I’m not one to bemoan the past, and long for my children being teeny tiny again (although maybe I will when my house is full of three perspiring teenage boys) – I get excited for them, and like to assume they can do things, rather than assume they can’t.

I’ve particularly noticed a shift in Rufus. He’s getting much better at dressing himself, he’s getting chattier each day, I don’t take spare clothes out with me anymore, he doesn’t like me coming to the toilet with him and he has found his way minus Winston without a hitch. I thought he would feel a bit lost without Win directing and guiding him, but he seems to be enjoying his freedom. He now has a few basic ‘jobs’ in the home, and he’s swiftly waving goodbye to toddlerhood. Of course, there is still the irrational, grumpy, two year old side of him that I often struggle to make sense of, but it is such an important part of getting to know each other.

Otto is desperate to crawl but has no idea how. He grabs everything and loves food. His personality is obvious and he loves playing with toys. He’s an individual. Win has taken school in his stride, suddenly could ride a bike and I really admire him for it.

There is so much we can learn from children, and these last few weeks have reminded me of that. Their love for learning, their ambition, the way they enjoy the simplest pleasures of life, the way they adjust, adapt and embrace. The way they move on, look forwards, have hope, the way they accept and love. It’s such a journey for all of us, and when I’m feeling a run down and overwhelmed, these are the things I try to remember.

Life is beautiful.


E xx



  1. 6th October 2016 / 9:53 am

    Oh that’s so lovely to read. My little one is more chatty too without her sister but she’s missing her. I’m glad your boys are taking it all in their stride.

    • Esther
      9th October 2016 / 8:32 pm

      It’s lovely chatting to a whole new personality. They are all so different. It must be a huge change being without her sister xx

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