Paper crafts – made and discovered

The downside to having a love of making things, is that my boys literally think I can make anything…which is great, but not so great when I struggle with something. I am a terrible at drawing and Ru in particular gets upset when the things I draw look nothing like they should: “That doesn’t look like a dragon”, “That doesn’t look like a pirate”, “That doesn’t look like a racing car”. Any book recommendations for learning to draw basic things would be appreciated (!) Turns out I’m not that great at paper crafts or origami either. I managed to redeem myself before things got too sour by adding ‘easy’ to my search criteria.

Here is what I’ve been up to:

  • Paper crafts – Win spotted some paper flowers the other day and asked me if we could make some. It started disastrously, and we soon moved on to sea creatures as they have both been to see ‘Finding Dory’ (which is fantastic) this week. Ru’s demand for a shark was particularly tricky, but I just managed to pull it off (thanks to YouTube). I had no idea that folding paper could be so difficult. My personal favourite is the frog, as it jumps forward when you press it down – how clever! 20160811_15594820160811_16305820160811_15591020160811_160047
  • Packing list – I mentioned to my mum that I find packing really hard when Winston is around because he always takes things in and out and adds whatever he fancies. She suggested writing a packing list for him so he can pack himself and feel included in the process. I drew a picture of each different item and wrote the number he needs to pack next to it. He really loved packing all his things…but still likes to make additions – which isn’t great for space-saving! It is something we will definitely being doing in the future. 
  • Sun-dried tomato and basil houmous – I always find homemade houmous lasts so much longer than shop bought. This week the boys and I made a basil and sundried tomato one. It was lovely.
  • Exodus – I’m part of a new blogging community that has been in touch with CalAid to see how bloggers can help out. CalAid have suggested watching Exodus, as this is the most realistic representation of the refugee crisis and will help people understand the multitude of problems that they face. I missed it when it was on (and have since watched it), but it is still on catch up. I will have more details soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!

E xx



  1. 14th August 2016 / 3:26 pm

    Oh I think your paper crafts are very impressive! Great idea on the packing list as well, my eldest would love that sort of thing she loves to feel grown up.

    • Esther
      17th August 2016 / 5:41 pm

      Impressive until you see how amazing the ones on YouTube are! Honestly, origami is incredible! I didn’t realise! x

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