20160706_084839“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2016″.

This is a very normal scene in our house. The boys come upstairs after breakfast, whilst I finish off getting ready. They usually sit on our bed playing with toys, or reading books (which is more successful some days, than others). In this picture Win is playing a tune to them both by turning the handle on a tiny wooden box.

Our family photography session went well on Friday (it didn’t rain)…and I absolutely cannot wait to see the photos.

W: I took Win out to buy some new shoes for church, but instead we came back with a pair of school shoes! He wanted them on straight away and ran around in them all afternoon. My heart was bursting a little.

R: We told Win off for screaming loudly and waking Otto up. We said to him: “Do you think it’s funny?” Win said “No”…but then Ru piped up saying: “I think it’s funny. I think it’s really funny”.

O: O has had such a happy week. Really smiley and all round lovely. He’s also had a lot to say too – chatting away and making lots of noises.

E xx

Living Arrows


    • Esther
      12th July 2016 / 8:27 pm

      Thanks Laura x

  1. 11th July 2016 / 11:02 am

    ha ha! Ru is so funny Esther! I love this photo. So amazing! Ang xx #LivingArrows

    • Esther
      12th July 2016 / 8:27 pm

      Haha. Jared says that he is weird like me! x

  2. 11th July 2016 / 4:23 pm

    Oh bless, they are all so adorable! I love that photo of them all. We have a similar routine in our house in the mornings, we enjoy the bit of time together just sitting on the bed and reading or watching something on the iPad.

    • Esther
      12th July 2016 / 8:29 pm

      Lovely Nat. Such a lovely visual xx

  3. 16th July 2016 / 9:07 pm

    I love these little moments, the simple things. They all look so content together and I can’t wait to see your photoshoot photos! x

  4. 20th July 2016 / 9:58 pm

    They look like they are enjoying a good chat. #LivingArrows

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