Cousins and baby books – made and discovered

The sun has returned this week and I have loved going out for walks with the double buggy. Ru hops in and out, Win is usually on his scooter (always stopping to go down ‘his ramp’) and O sat there looking at everything. I have some cousins visiting from America, and Win’s cousins are over from China, so we have been totally spoilt seeing some very special people this week. It has been wonderful, and all of a sudden I’m not feeling so nervous about 6 weeks of summer with three.

20160706_16080020160706_160828July is my birthday month and I’m starting to feel old. Kind of feeling that I need to put a ’30 before 30′ list together – I only have just over a year left. Turning thirty feels, by far, my biggest age milestone. We had a family photoshoot today, so I’m excited to share some pictures with you once they’re back.

Here is what I’ve been up to this week:

  • Baby books – I really try to keep the boys’ baby books up to date. Things change so quickly, and I really don’t want to forget things. I bought books for Win and Ru before they were born, but this time around I couldn’t find one that I really loved. My lovely friend bought me a scrapbook from Paperchase, and it was perfect to use for O’s baby book. This week I have started sticking things in, and writing about our first few months together. All three boys also have a box that I keep their memories in – Win absolutely loves looking at all his baby things. Every few months Jared and I both write an email to the boys, print it off and stick it in. These are always written first person and include likes, dislikes and a little personality update. Things that are too personal to share on bookbaby book 220160708_09273920160708_092745
  • 30 Days of Rewilding – Another project that Mel shared in her post. ’30 Days of Rewilding’ is a book written by Lucy from Lulatastic, aimed to help families bloom through finding their place in nature. I’ve downloaded the Kindle version and I’m really excited about it.
  • Clarks desert boots for boys – I’m a big fan of Clarks desert boots for my boys. They are classic, and I like to buy mine from ebay. I won a pair for £0.99 this week, and they have only been worn once. It felt criminal.
  • Flashing toothbrush – Rufus is (and always has been) horrendous when teeth cleaning time comes around. He screams the place down, and often has to be pinned down. On a whim I bought a toothbrush that flashes red for two minutes when you start brushing…and miraculously he no longer screams. May it continue.

Have a very happy weekend!

E xx



  1. 8th July 2016 / 8:42 pm

    Oh you’ve reminded me how desperately I need to update my girls’ lifetime diaries. They’re so lovely to keep and look back on.

    • Esther
      12th July 2016 / 8:13 pm

      Yes – just as much for us, as them. I’m due to write an update email, just need to set aside an evening! x

  2. 11th July 2016 / 1:46 pm

    loved reading this post. We love our MB duet, so durable! I’m really looking forward to the summer holidays so I can have time with my four littles. very sad that H is starting school in September though, how do you feel about it? Yay for birthday months, I was 27 in May but I feel like i look much older (eye bags!) do you have plans? Oh those baby books are lovely, I started but then life gets busy, and I keep little diaries, along with the blog but definitely want to finish their baby books. I love to photobook a lot of our stuff too so combining words and photos is something I love to do.

    Love Mel Wiggins, and definitely Lulastic blog, a fave of mine. I downloaded 30 days of Rewilding when it come out but haven’t got round to reading it yet. must do though along with my other reading projects I have on my list!

    You seem to be great at Ebay finds, I love it, or when I come across something in a charity shop (we got near new converse for £4 a few months back!)

    And yes to the flashing toothbrushes. 😉 xx

    • Esther
      12th July 2016 / 8:26 pm

      I’m excited for him to start school…I really think he’ll love it, but not excited for the days that he won’t want to go. It will break my heart a little. I don’t have any birthday plans – we’ll just be at home. Maybe something for my 30th next year?
      I love Mel Wiggins – it’s fantastic. I love ebay! It is amazing!!! x

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