Favourite Books – May

I’ve been raiding the charity shops (and a car boot sale) this month in search of new books. Maybe I’m a little tired of reading the same ones over and over again. Am I allowed to say that? Tee-hee. They are both starting enjoy longer books, so we are having to set more time aside before bedtime. The days that Winston is at nursery, Rufus and I often have a big reading session during some down time…it’s time I really cherish with him and we always learn something new.

Here is what we’ve been enjoying this month:

books for four year olds

Penguin – Win loves this book and I have no idea why! It is so random. Ben is given a penguin for his birthday but he can’t get it to say a thing. He tries everything. That is until a lion intervenes and Ben discovers something that was worth the wait.

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark – Poor baby owl is afraid of the dark, which isn’t much use when you are a nocturnal animal. Gradually his friends help him realise that the dark isn’t as scary as it seems. The dark can even be fun.

And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street – I love this book. Dr. Seuss is a genius, and this is beautiful. A young boy is walking to school and sees a horse and cart…his imagination turns it into something else…and then something else…and then something else. The end result is something so elaborate and impressive that no one will believe him, so he keeps it all to himself.

Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories – Another Dr. Seuss book and equally brilliant. I love the illustrations.

The Wild Washerwomen – Once there were seven unhappy washerwomen. They wash, wash, wash all day, and their boss is simply awful. They decide to go on strike, but then they are so happy and free that nobody can control them. Seven woodcutters come along to try and teach them a lesson, but will the wild washerwomen end up teaching them a lesson?

The Emperor’s Egg – This is a very factual book, but it is written as a story. It describes what the mummy and daddy penguin do to nurture their precious egg. The daddy keeps it warm and waits for it to hatch, whilst the mummy hunts to fatten up. It’s very heart warming.

whatever – I’m not really sure what this book is trying to say, but the illustrations are fantastic, and the boys love it. Billy is incredibly difficult to please. You can show him the most amazing things in the world, and all he says is: “Whatever!” Billy is eaten by the world’s hungriest tiger…and guess what his dad says?

The Runaway Train – Duffy Driver leaves the brake off his little red train, and it chuffs off without him towards the sea. He tries desperately to catch up with it. Can he do it with the help of a lorry, a boat, a horse, a tractor and a helicopter? Find out.

HUG – Bobo is looking for his mum because he needs a hug. Discover what animals are hugging in the jungle. Will he find his mum? The boys still adore this incredibly simple book.

Can you believe we are almost half way through 2016? I can’t.

E xx


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