On a fourth birthday


I tried to persuade Win to go to Cadbury World for his fourth birthday day out (mainly because I’m desperate to go), but he was adamant that he wanted to go to the National Railway Museum – so that’s where we spent the day on Saturday. We seem to follow the same routine every time we go, which includes a little trip into York city centre and an ice cream. It seems I will have to save Cadbury World for my birthday.

His birthday started with a birthday breakfast and then in the afternoon we had some friends and family over for pancakes. We’ve now had six birthdays between the two of them and I definitely get more excited each time. I love seeing the excitement on their faces before they go to bed and as soon as they wake up. I love wrapping the presents, blowing up the balloons and buying in some special food.

Win couldn’t be more pleased that Lego has now entered our household, and he was also very happy with the cake we made together.

…and there you have it – a fourth birthday!

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Little things I don’t want to forget as you turn four

  • The way you never tell me what you have done at nursery. According to you – you never talk to anyone, and you never play with anything or anyone!
  • You favourite song is still: ‘Fair Is Little Jesus Child’…even though it’s a Christmas song. You also love: ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran.
  • How upset, frustrated and angry you get when you can’t draw or write something the way you want it. Sometimes you have to go upstairs to calm down!
  • How excited you get for Monday nights when we have our ‘family night’. We never do anything particularly brilliant, but you so look forward to it. You always sing us a few solos.
  • The way you never cheat (and always come last) at football practice. You are more interested in doing the drills correctly than winning and you get embarrassed (and sometimes upset) if you do it wrong, and you think people have noticed.
  • When you organise your ‘special things’ and get me to take a picture of them.
  • The huge big smile you give me when I tell you that I love you.
  • How loudly you sing a long to the ‘Frozen’ soundtrack in the car. You and Ru make a good duo.
  • The amount of love you have for your panda, and how you always check that Ru has his before bed too.
  • The games you invent – rockets, shooting ‘bad guys’, spaceships, pirates and rescue missions. Ru is always happy to follow your lead and you are more than happy to tell him what to do.
  • The way you organise what you and I are going to do together when Ru is napping.
  • How slow you are at running…and riding your scooter.
  • How much you look forward to staying with your grandparents.
  • The amount of love you have for playgroup each Friday.
  • Lots of people comment on how much they love listening to you giggle. It’s a very cheeky one, and once you start – you can’t stop!
  • The way you organise your craft supplies and go through so much paper.
  • The amount of love you have for your cousins and a few of the older boys from church. They are your absolute favourite people and you talk about them all the time.
  • How the alarm cords in disabled toilets, and the alarm button in a lift make you feel nervous.

victoria sponge birthday cake

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