sledging at xscape“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2016″.

I took the boys to the toddler session at the indoor slope close to our home last week with some friends. Win absolutely loved it, but Ru had very mixed feelings. I loved watching Win go up and down giggling to himself. Ru face planted right at the end, which didn’t go down too well. The day after I took them we woke up to real snow – typical! I wish I’d worn suitable footwear, so I didn’t skid everywhere.

W: Win’s listening skills (or lack of) have been very trying this week. He’s been a little exhausted though too. I really want to make a few plans for his upcoming birthday, but as the baby is due on his birthday I don’t think it’s very sensible to organise anything!

R: Ru has really enjoyed playing with cars this week – lining them up and making them fly.

E xx

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