Favourite Books – February

Morning cuddles with the boys used to be my favourite time of day, but the two of them now constantly fight about who gets to cuddle Jared, which means we are no longer eased into the day like we used to be. I hang off the edge alone, whilst the three of them attempt to organise themselves. I think we’re going to have to give up trying and just get up!

I’ve always loved story time with the boys, but now (due to the above) it is definitely my favourite time of the day. It is where we get to talk about the day, discuss what we’re doing tomorrow and read some lovely books.

This is what the boys have been enjoying this month:

favoiurte books february

Superworm – This really is a fantastic book and the rhyming is brilliant. Superworm is a superhero and he helps all of his friends out of tricky situations. Superworm is tragically captured by the wicked Wizard Lizard and put under a spell. Can his friends help him before it’s too late?

Snuff – Snuff is desperate to be a knight, but he can’t seem to get things right. However, when the bootmakers is raided by thieves, Snuff manages to come up with a clever plan.

Silly Suzy Goose – For some reason I don’t like this book. I’m not sure what message it is trying to convey – that we should celebrate being different, or conform? It doesn’t seem to do either very well. However, it really doesn’t matter what I think – the boys love it!

Tip Tip Dig Dig – Discover how a scrap heap can be transformed into an adventure playground using lots of different machinery. This book is really simple and both boys love it. Win loves ‘reading’ it to Ru, and Ru loves filling in the gaps.

You Choose – This is a picture book where children can dream where and how they want to live, what they would like to wear, who they would like to be friends with, where they would like to sleep and what they would like to eat. It is brilliant and great for lots of different ages. The choices are endless. Win has chosen his birthday cake using this book – thankfully it’s not an elaborate one!

Alfie Wins a Prize – I really do love Alfie! Alfie wins third prize in a painting competition, but his friend loves his prize more than he does, and he does something incredibly kind.

Duck in a Truck – Duck manages to get his truck stuck in the muck. How will a frog, a goat and a sheep get him out? A very simple, lovely story and the rhyming makes it easy to read.

Sharing a Shell – Crab lives in a shell and happily shares it with his friends who help him in return. A wonderful story of friendship and kindness, with a few bumps along the way.

Zagazoo – Bella and George are a happy couple who spend their days dusting, eating strawberry ice-cream and making model aeroplanes. One day a strange parcel arrives at the door containing a lovely human baby named Zagazoo, but they soon discover that Zagazoo is a baby like no other! I love this book as it celebrates the (many) adventures of parenthood.

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  1. 27th February 2016 / 9:25 pm

    Megs loves Zagazoo too since Christmas, we read often…that and peter rabbit!
    Lovely pic of the boys x

    • Esther
      7th March 2016 / 5:07 pm

      I used to love Peter Rabbit! xx

  2. Zoe
    28th February 2016 / 6:37 am

    I love your book blogs, Est! My ambition is to have a children’s library like yours. Currently we only have a couple of books! xxx

    • Esther
      7th March 2016 / 5:07 pm

      Thanks Zo! We got given so many which formed such a good base. Never pay full price. I bet there are some amazing children’s books sales in London! xx

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