the 52 project week 50“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″.

I mentioned last week that now Ru can talk it has changed their whole relationship. Win now seeks Ru out as a play mate, and involves him – rather than seeing him as an annoying little brother. So different to just a couple of weeks ago.

Winston: “Where should we fly to?”

Rufus: “Ummm. The house”.

W: It’s the Christmas party week at nursery next week and it all sounds a bit too cute! He always comes home from nursery with an armful of drawings and I love seeing them all.

R: Both Jared and I have said that Rufus seems so much more grown up since we got back from Poland. Obviously it was only three days and not much can change, but he really is a proper person now rather than a baby, and it’s been very apparent this week.

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