DIY Making a market apron

I’ve seen linen market aprons popping up all over and thought it was about time I had a go at making one – particularly as I seem to have an excess of linen in my fabric stash. The reason I love them is because they just slip over the head – no ties, no nothing. I have an apron for cooking, but thought one like this would be perfect for crafting, painting, or for when I’m in the garden.

linen market apron

I think it is one of the easiest projects I’ve ever made, and because of the minimal curve, there is no need to use bias binding. The two curved sections are small and able to manage the folds. I started by taking three measurements, and then cut the pattern by freehand:

  • neck – knee
  • one and a half times around your waist
  • shoulder – shoulder


The straps are 6cm wide and the key is sewing each strap to the opposite edge of the apron. Then you are ready to slip it over your head.

linen apronIMG_4330

I pretty sure I’ll be making one for my mum. You could add a huge pocket, experiment with different fabrics or make it as jazzy as you like.

linen market apron small

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