Baking some homemade biscuit favourites

I don’t bake sweet treats very often, but when I do I like to make an event of it – block off half a day, or a full day and forget about the mess. I also like to tie it in with a social event so I know we won’t be ‘forced’ to eat it all (let’s pretend I’d need forcing). We were sent some amazing baking items courtesy of and Win loved the thought of making some of the biscuits he sees every week at playgroup – Jammie Dodgers, Bourbons, Custard Creams, Party Rings and gingerbread men were all on our agenda. We made the five sets of dough first so we could get it all in the fridge and ready to shape.

Win loved helping with the cutters and using a knife to apply the fillings – particularly the jam. By the end I couldn’t get my head around just how many biscuits we had made – it was like a shop (!) and we were so pleased with our efforts. I would love to know how many times I opened and closed the oven that day! We also had fun arranging the gingerbread men into families – all of his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents were represented.

IMG_3833IMG_3832IMG_3831 (1)IMG_3830IMG_3836

Jared bought me a brilliant book called Baking Magic a few years ago and it has recipes for every favourite English biscuit, cake and muffin, plus lots of ideas to decorate. My favourites were definitely the Jammie Dodgers and the Bourbons – they may even have been better than the real thing!

Embracing the mess…

IMG_3804 (1)

Embracing further mess…

IMG_3812 (1)

Party Ring decorating at 7am…Ru’s biscuits stayed at home – don’t worry!

IMG_3822 (1)

E xx

Thank you so much to for sending us such a fun selection of baking items. 


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