IMAG4093“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″.

Jared was ill on Saturday so I took the boys to Nostell Priory, which is very close to our home. There were Halloween activities galore, the sun was shining and the three of us had such a wonderful time. My favourite thing was being surrounded by autumn in all its glory, and having the time to appreciate it.

W: I’ve loved having Win home all week. It’s reminded me that he is all mine for a while longer – before school next September. I’m sending his application in this week and it feels very surreal. It also makes me feel incredibly old!

R: Ru’s favourite ‘joke’ at the moment is to say “poo, poo, ‘men”, instead of “amen” at the end of all prayers. I wonder who he learnt that from? He thinks it is hilarious, and we try not to laugh!

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