Favourite Books – October

I’m always surprised how different the books are that Win brings to me each month, because I feel like we read the same ones over and over again! Thirty bedtimes each month for two boys means a lot of reading I suppose – I’ve never really thought of that before. October has without a doubt been the fastest month of the year. It seems to have just disappeared and I don’t like it. Here is what Winston brought me this month:

Favourite books - october

Duck in the Truck – Duck is driving home and manages to get his truck stuck in the muck. A frog, a sheep and a goat come to help him, but not without some drama first. Win and Ru love the rhyming of this book which makes it easy for children to memorise.

MOG the Forgetful Cat – Created by Judith Kerr who also wrote the much loved ‘The Tiger That Came To Tea’. Mog seems to get in the way a lot but she is a very loveable, forgetful, yet remarkable cat. I love the illustration.

Pirate Pete and his Parrot – Pete’s parrot isn’t an ordinary pirate parrot – he is mischievous and can only say one thing that gets Pete into all sorts of bother. Everything changes when their ship is ambushed and Pete’s parrot turns out to save the day.

Silly Suzy Goose – Suzy goose wants to be different to all the other geese. She wants to be able to swim, slide, dive, squawk, jump and roar like a lion. When she tries to roar like a lion, she gets into a little bit of trouble.

Harry and the Dinosaurs Go To School – It’s Harry’s first day at school and he wants to take his dinosaurs with him because he’s feeling a little nervous. His dinosaurs aren’t allowed into the classroom, but they manage to come to the rescue and help him make a new friend. School becomes a lot of fun.

Little Rabbit Foo Foo – I don’t like this book, but the boys really love it. Little Rabbit Foo Foo will not stop being mischievous in the forest, and as a consequence he is turned into something rather unexpected by the good fairy.

Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book – Another brilliant book by Julia Donaldson. I bought this from a market stall after Win started to really enjoy the audio book. Charlie Cook is reading a book about a pirate, who is reading a book about Goldilocks, who is reading a book about a knight, who is reading about a frog. Aliens, ghosts, thieves, kings and queens – there is something for all children to enjoy.

Alfie Wins a Prize – I love Alfie, and so does Winston. I really think it’s because everything is so relatable to his own life – Alfie isn’t quite at big school yet and has a lovely younger sibling too. He loves asking why Alfie made certain decisions – I try and use to my advantage!

Splat the Cat – It’s Splat’s first day at school and he is feeling nervous. Splat decides to bring his pet mouse Seymour with him who causes quite a stir when he escapes.

Another book we have recently discovered is Oddsockosaurus by Zanib Mian and Bill Bolton. It’s for dinosaur lovers everywhere. A little boy describes his very own human characteristics as if he were a dinosaur. You will meet the likes of Readabookadocus and Muddyraptor, plus many more. The illustration is wonderful and it provides opportunities to talk about lots of everyday situations.


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