Slower days are coming our way

Things have been quiet in our house over the last couple of days as Win has been with his Grandma and Grandpa. The quiet that has come from being three year old free for three nights and two days has really taken me by surprise. It has been so quiet, and I feel like I’ve had space to have my own thoughts. A three year old is truly a whirlwind – an explosion of questions, energy and demands, but a 20 month old just bumbles along – they accept their surroundings and welcome whatever comes their way. There is so much to learn from both approaches, and I think it’s all rather beautiful.
IMAG2855Ru and I have been shopping in York, eaten ice cream, been on a lunch date to Yo Sushi (a bit of a selfish choice, but I think he liked it?), we’ve baked courgette themed goods, cracked a few jigsaw puzzles and been to Lotherton Hall. Our pace has been much slower and it’s a pace we’re going to to get used to two days a week. We’ve only chatted when necessary, we’ve walked much slower and even had a nap together. I’ve had a chance to think how I’ll structure our week once Win starts nursery next week, and to get to know Ru a little more. I’ve realised he is so laid back and I’ve enjoyed not hearing him shout “mine” every minute of the day. The biggest disagreement we had was over a jacket potato that I assumed we would share…turns out he had no intention of sharing.

It’s been relaxing, but I really can’t wait to see Win – I miss his opinion, his thoughts and his perspective. He’s been on a steam train, to the beach and been fussed over by his grandparents, so I’m quite sure he’ll ask me why he has to come home. Perhaps I should be offended, but it makes me happy that he enjoys it so much. I prefer it that way.

It’s the end of an era and the start of a new one for all of us, and I think the timing couldn’t be more perfect.














We even managed to get the house tidy with a little bit of help…

IMAG2933E xx



  1. 3rd September 2015 / 7:17 am

    These pictures are gorgeous! Our lives have been quieter and chilled also lol Megs is very easy going when on her own and I never realised how much she loves to sleep in because E wakes her at like 6.30 x

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