Favourite Books – September

Can you believe it’s almost October? I am so looking forward to the dark nights, copious amounts of homemade soup and bread, blankets on the sofa (which I’m already enjoying), bedtime torch walks and candlelit evenings. Autumn has been teasing me for a while, but I finally feel ready for it, and I am loving the appearance of the red and gold leaves. There is new kind of beauty everywhere, and it’s refreshing.

Here are the books that Win brought me this month:

Favourite books - September

Big Pig on a Dig – Jared bought Win the whole set of these phonics books and the boys love them. Win keeps asking us to teach him to learn how to read and we don’t really know where to go with it, but apparently these are a good route to go down. He loves the rhyming and the incredibly random adventures. Another favourite is ‘Toad Builds a Road’, which happens to be my favourite too!

Ten in the Bed – I adore the illustration in this book – it’s nostalgic and transports me right back to my childhood. A super cheap charity shop find.

The Troll – Julia Donaldson’s spin on trolls, goats and bridges. It is their favourite audio book for the car and it keeps them quiet for ages!

Alfie Gives A Hand – Win is still a big fan of this book – probably because it involves a birthday party. Alfie is always so kind to his friends and I secretly love him for it.

Titus’s Troublesome Tooth – This book is about Titus the goat who has terrible toothache. His friends offer to help him, but he refuses help because he is too scared. He grumbles and groans. Who will help him? and how will he get rid of his troublesome tooth?

Guess the Baby – This was a random find in a charity shop a few weeks ago. I bought it more for Ru, but Win has taken a shine to it. It’s all about what babies can and can’t do, what they eat, how the move and how everyone was a baby once – even if it was a very long time ago. Win didn’t struggle with Ru as a baby, but I think Ru is going to struggle with having a new brother or sister.

Mr Large in Charge – Mrs Large isn’t very well and Mr Large is in charge of their four children. Mrs Large doesn’t end up having a very restful day after all the mishaps that keep occurring. Personally, I am not a big fan of the Large Family stories – I don’t know why! Win loves them though.

How to Catch a Star – We have three Oliver Jeffers books and I love them all. The illustration is stunning and the stories are told so beautifully. This one is about a boy who longs to have a star as a friend. He finally catches one and they enjoy going on long walks together.

Elmer – There is something so loveable about Elmer the patchwork elephant. He is always making the other elephants laugh, but one day decides he doesn’t want to be patchwork any more…he wants to be elephant-coloured, which begins a very unusual tradition.

The first one he pulled out was The Big Red Bus – he still adores this book and it comes out all the time.

Ru’s favourites are PEEPO! and Charlie the Chicken. I adore PEEPO! and it really reminds me of one of my younger sisters.

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What are your littles reading?

E xx



  1. Mary Smith
    29th September 2015 / 7:48 am

    We have the large family series, which Megs loves. Faves are still funnybones,jack and the beanstalk and new ones in his book bag from school. I’ve seen people changing their books around to seasons which I think id like to do…that baby book is a good idea 😊 x

  2. 19th October 2015 / 11:29 pm

    Ooh Esther I love Peepo! These are all really great books. I think we are going to need a bigger bookcase soon and it sounds like you might need one too! I have never read any of the children’s books which you have in the picture! They do look exciting though. Thanks for sharing with #KLTR and i hope win enjoys his books for Ocotober too 🙂

    Ang xx

  3. 21st October 2015 / 9:05 pm

    I think I may need to purchase How to Catch A Star that looks like a lovely book there are some fab books on this list 🙂 thanks for linking up to #kltr

  4. 31st October 2015 / 1:27 pm

    What a great selection of books 🙂 I’ll have to look up the Julia Donaldson book- we’re a big fan of her books in this house #KLTR

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