DIY Teaching the days of the week

It must be hard for young children to grasp timing – the meaning of a second, a minute, a week and a year. A day is a little easier I think, but I often feel sorry for Win when he trying to work out when his birthday is and other events he is looking forward to. He was saying the other day how he has been three for a very long time, “I must be four soon?” I try not to tell him what he’s doing too far in advance, partly because often our plans change, and partly because otherwise he talks about it non stop.

He knows the days of the week, but he gets them mixed up and he always asks what he is doing tomorrow before he goes to bed. I decided to make a little book for him with a page for each day to help teach him the order of the days, and help him understand how long a week is. He then helped by drawing some pictures – which started off very enthusiastic and then it tailed off and he refused to give people arms!


We’ve been keeping it next to his bed, so it’s accessible at bedtime and it seems to be helping already.








I’m going to be keeping it forever!

E xx



  1. 10th September 2015 / 6:19 am

    Fab idea..and mint drawings! Megs always asks what we are doing tomorrow and its.usually right in the middle of her prayers x

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