IMG_20150912_095919“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″

W: Win has woken up at, or after 8am every day this week and has been flat out in five minutes come bed time. Two days of nursery seems to tire him out completely. Nursery have said his favourite thing is drawing, which wasn’t really a surprise…I hope they don’t start asking us for donations towards paper!

R: I had grand plans for Ru and I this week, but in the end I thought I’d better keep it local in case Win wasn’t settling. We’ve been on walks, played with trains, tidied and napped together. Ru loves the little buggy that I bought him and he pushes his panda around so happily. I’ve really noticed how similar his mannerisms are to Winston’s this week, and how he is such a peaceful child (when he’s by himself). He’s great fun too.

E xx

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