Favourite Books – August

This month is already flying by and with it, we have discovered books – old and new.

Here is what Winston brought me this month:

Favourite books three year old

Where’s the Dragon? – About George and his grandfather going on an exciting dragon hunt. They search high and low to try and find one, but watch out! There may be more than meets the eye.

Alfie Gives a Hand – My mum bought Win the Alfie collection for Christmas, but he’s only taken to them in the last couple of months. He loves ‘Alfie Gives a Hand’ and ‘Alfie and the Big Boys’ in particular. I loved reading Alfie stories to my younger siblings, so it’s nice to rediscover them. Alfie is a really lovely boy – hopefully Win will learn a few things from him!

Tiddler – All about little Tiddler who is small, but tells very tall tales. He’s incredibly loveable and the illustration is fantastic.

Whoosh around the Mulberry Bush – This book goes around the world to discover animals from all countries and habitats.

Where the Wild Things Are – I loved this book as a child and I’m so glad Win loves it too. It’s about Max, a boy who travels to a land far away to discover ‘the wild things’.

Oh Dear, Geoffrey! – This was a gift from a birthday party and Win really enjoys it. It’s about Geoffrey, a very clumsy giraffe who makes lots of wonderful friends after lots of mishaps.

Hug – Both boys still adore this book. I wish I knew why! It gets pulled out over and over again.

The Odd Egg – Three or four months ago we were in Waterstones and we said Win could choose any book to buy. This is the one he chose. We thought it was a bit of a strange choice, but he really loves it. It’s about a duck who finds a large, odd egg. There is an unexpected surprise when it finally hatches.

A Quiet Night In – Win loves ‘A Quiet Night In’ and ‘Mr Large in Charge’. Jared and I really don’t like either for some reason and we always try and persuade him to chose something else. A bit naughty, I know, but he doesn’t listen to us anyway. ‘A Quiet Night In’ is all about how Mr Large’s birthday turns out to be a very quiet and sleepy one.

What are your little ones reading?

E xx



  1. 19th August 2015 / 1:55 pm

    Where the Wild Things Are is a classic book!

  2. kathryn
    22nd August 2015 / 9:10 pm

    My boys have all loved ‘Hug’ too. Seth has started to retell what is happening in the book and does a great impression of the monkey being sad!! Though the Alfie books are classic and my brothers had them too, we haven’t got a set. What am I playing at, will have to sort that out!

    • 25th August 2015 / 2:59 pm

      I really don’t know what it is about ‘Hug’? Such a simple book, but they love it! My mum reminded me about Alfie…the reason Ru now has yellow wellies! xx

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