Camping and wakeboarding

After wakeboarding at my sister’s hen party, I vowed to do it again before the centre closed for the winter. I absolutely loved it – the cool water and the freedom you feel as you glide along. It’s wonderful, even though your arms and shoulders certainly feel it the next day. A trip wakeboarding then spiralled into a camping trip with some friends, which turned out to be a winning combination.

We bought a tent a couple of months ago and we’ve been keen to go on a mini family camping trip to test it out. After contacting a few camp sites that were fully booked, we decided to camp at my parents house – the perfect cop out starter experience, I say. 11894637_10153062236627304_1732992638657052506_o


We cooked potatoes, sausages, bacon, beans, bananas and marshmallows on the fire, and then ended up having quite an early night after eating fruit from the garden, chasing the chickens, reading stories and going on a torch walk. I swiftly realised after attempting to snuggle down in my sleeping bag that I’d bought a child’s sleeping bag, instead of an adult one. Whoops! Jared kindly went into the house and got me a duvet.







The two of them slept really well once they were finally asleep. Win woke up and said: “Well, that was a lovely sleep!”



Saturday turned out to be an absolute scorcher, which we weren’t expecting at all. I had brought all manner of hoodies and coats with us – I really need to become a person that checks the weather. Excellent weather for the six adults wakeboarding, but not so good for the six active kids we had with us. By the end, they were so hot, tired and hungry!




After wakeboarding we headed back for lunch and to pack away our tents. It was such a short and lovely 24 hours spent with a couple of my newest friends.

Win has already asked when we will be going camping next. We’ll see.

E xx



  1. 25th August 2015 / 7:23 am

    Looks absolutely gorgeous! I love wins sleepy pics in the tent..what a cutie pie! X

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