PicMonkey Collage“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″

 W: Jared and I sometimes joke that Winston has got a deadly combination of our personality traits – passion from Jared and willfulness from me. I wouldn’t let my mum help me with anything as a child and Win is exactly the same. He also gets so incredibly frustrated when he can’t do things as well as he would like. It can result in huge meltdowns over things like not being able to draw a certain object, or do his zip up. I have to remind him he’s three and he has so much time to learn everything he wants to.

R: Ru is saying more words each week – only ever one syllable (the end or beginning sound of a word), but it’s getting easier to understand. His favourites are “mine”, “share”, “see”, “more” and “go”. Definitely vocabulary of a second child!

E xx

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