Favourite Books – July

I wrote a post back in March detailing Winston’s favourite books, and I’ve decided to make it a regular feature. I think it gives a little insight into what’s on his mind and perhaps you’ll discover some new books for your little ones.

The half an hour before bedtime is one of my favourite times of the day – the four of us sit on Win’s bed and settle down for stories. Ru always manages to wriggle himself past Winston onto one of our knees so he can keenly turn the pages. He’s not the most capable candidate, but full marks for effort.

I asked Winston what his favourite books were, and this is what he brought me:

favourite books july 2Hug – Both boys absolutely love this book that I picked up from a jumble sale. It’s about a monkey who is desperately trying to find his Mummy so he can have a great big hug. There is only three different words in it, so Win loves that he can ‘read’ it and Ru loves shouting “ug” and “me” over and over again.

The Odd One Out – This is one of my personal favourites. I love the illustrations, the rhyme and there are lots of unusual words used in it. No prizes for guessing what you have to do on each page.

Dinosaur Zoom – Again, both boys love this book. It’s about all the dinosaurs getting ready for the littlest dinosaurs birthday. They arrive on trucks, motorbikes, tractors and everything in between.

The Sulky Vulture – This was recently discovered by Winston on the book shelf. It’s about Boris the vulture who moans and whines about everything – he can never be pleased. Win is going through a bit of a whiny stage, so maybe he relates to it!

Illustrated Nursery Rhymes – Win used to love this about a year ago, but hasn’t touched it again until recently. It’s one of my favourites, so I’m pleased he’s enjoying it again. It brings back memories of my childhood. He gets me to sing at least ten in every sitting and he gets cross if I start singing the wrong one because I misunderstood his gestures!

Chicken Licken – I picked this up from a car boot sale. It’s about poor Chicken Licken who thinks the sky is falling down after an acorn falls on her head. Win loves the funny names and Ru loves turning the flaps (a little too eagerly).

Look Inside Cars – Again, I picked this up from a car boot sale. It was on my radar to buy for Winston, but I got it a whole lot cheaper. It’s a really brilliant book covering everything from how cars are made, how they work and the different jobs they can fulfil.

Room on the Broom – Julia Donaldson is so talented. I often wonder what type of person she is and would love to meet her. Room on the Broom is about a friendly witch who invites lots of animals to join her on a broomstick adventure.

Oliver Twist – I bought this from Aldi a few weeks ago and Win loves it. It is so tragic and I have no idea why he likes it, but for whatever reason he does. I’ve read it to him so many times over the past few weeks.

Their number one favourite at the moment is without a doubt ‘The Big Red Bus‘. It comes out over and over again. It’s about a bus that gets stuck in a hole, and it causes quite a commotion. Win knows it off by heart and loves ‘reading’ it to Ru. Jared and I just sit and cheesy grin at each other whenever he does (!), and he does not like it at all when we try to help him.

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Another book we’ve recently discovered is ‘The Amazing Human Body Detectives’. A group of detectives explore the human body and share their findings with the reader. The illustration is stunning and it’s a good amount of information for young (and old) learners – it won’t overwhelm. It is full of weird and wonderful facts about our incredible bodies. Win’s favourite page is ‘Waste Factory’. I mean, what else would it be? It comes with a magnifying glass too.

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Happy reading!

E xx


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