strawberry picking farmer copleys“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″

I feel like the three of us are a proper little team now, and I love the dynamic that we have on our outings. Ru is so happy pottering around and I love chatting to Win. We spent a couple of hours strawberry picking on Friday – the sun was beating down and there were so many strawberries to be picked.

W: Win has learnt to write his name this week – a little milestone that he is immensely proud of.

R: Once I’d put a few strawberries in Ru’s punnet there was no way he was letting go of it – he clung onto it for dear life. Despite not picking one single strawberry he sat down and ate the whole punnet just before the end. I couldn’t believe how he just kept on going. He’s using new sounds all the time and I love watching his personality unravel.

E xx

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