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den building fairburn ings“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″

These pictures were taken at Fairburn Ings on Friday. We went to see if the tadpoles had sprouted legs, but they hadn’t. Apparently it’s going to be about two more weeks, and I am honestly so excited! Win wanted to eat his apple on the badgers head, and that’s exactly what he did – I love it when a firm decision is made.

W: Winston has been sounding a lot more grown up over the past few weeks, and in this picture he looks absolutely enormous to me. We are going through a very settled patch behaviour wise, which is really lovely. 

R: I still can’t quite work out Rufus’ personality – he’s unpredictable and I love how he keeps us guessing. Discovering little snippets of their personalities is one of parentings biggest joys – what fun would it be if they let it out all at once? He’s got quite a few sounds and words, which makes my life much easier.

E xx

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