Allergenius event at Eureka

I briefly mentioned in #LittleLoves last week that the boys and I (along with 8 other bloggers) attended an event held at Eureka! courtesy of We’ve been to Eureka! before, but Ru was a couple of months old, the weather wasn’t great and Win kept getting intimidated by the groups of school children, so I was very happy to be invited back.

The day started with breakfast followed by activities, crafts, learning about allergies in the home, lunch and an afternoon exploring Eureka!. The weather was truly gorgeous, so the boys spent a lot of time outside in the sand pit.

photo (35)

After the sand pit we headed to have a look inside. Winston is incredibly cliché when it comes to interests, so we spent most of our time in the car garage. He really wasn’t interested in much else, despite the mini M&S, post office, bank and  many other areas looking very tempting (to me anyway)…but what do I know?

photo (70)

photo (66)

euerka activities

eureka hop scotch

We had a really lovely day and stayed much later than expected. have made a video of the event which you can view here. You must tell me if you spot anybody familiar.

Thank you very much and Eureka! for having us!

photo (62)

I love this picture of Win’s little tired legs after a day playing hard.

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