DIY Activities to welcome spring

Each time a new season comes around, an internal argument ensues – which is my favourite season? I find myself doing it so many times, and I have to remind myself that it really doesn’t matter that I don’t have a favourite season! Nothing will happen to me if I don’t make a decision – it is fine to love each season for entirely different reasons. Acknowledging the seasons is something I really want to do in our home, and here are some activities we have been enjoying to welcome spring.

Spring is glorious. It felt a long time coming, but now it’s here it just keeps on giving. Winston and I have talked a lot about buds, leaves and animals having a babies. We’ve been able to spot snowdrops, daffodils, wiggly worms and frog spawn, and we’ve stopped to listen to the bird’s singing. Such beauty all around.

Apologises for the quality of these photos – I’ve lost our camera battery charger so I’ve been using my phone.

Making a bird’s nest. We had a go at making a bird’s nest last month but this time it was far more successful. We used straw that we collected from outdoors and some thin wire. We then added some blown eggs, feathers and moss. It has taken pride of place in our hallway.


Pressing flowers. I was surprised and happy when I spotted a cute little flower press in a local shop. Winston and I took it to Grandma’s house, collected flowers and pressed them. We then asked Grandma what they were called and then looked them up online. We had fun finding the flowers that looked exactly like ours.

pressing flowers

photo (68)

photo (71)

Planting seeds. This is an obvious one but so important. Winston planted radish, courgette and sunflower seeds. I chose ones that I’ve had success with in the past, so hopefully he won’t be disappointed. He’s solely responsible for watering them and he enjoys using his little spray water bottle. Fingers crossed! I’m not the most fruitful gardener.




Making flowers. We were lucky enough to be invited to a fun family day courtesy of the lovely people at We made some cheery spring flowers out of pipe cleaners, tissue paper and pom poms. Ru’s effort included shredding half of the paper tablecloth and taking most of the lids off the felt tips…not embarrassing at all. I do love how babies involve themselves and presume everything is intended for them. Just brilliant.

photo (66)

photo (65)

tissue paper flowers


Treasure box. Winston’s treasure box isn’t looking particularly Spring like, but he does use it often to keep his precious items safe. He likes collecting rocks at the moment and plastic size cubes whenever we’re in a clothing shop. There’s also a feather, a few dehydrated daisies, conkers, pine cones and a car.

treasure box

How do you help your children understand the changes in seasons? and how will you welcome Spring in your home?

E xx


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  1. 9th April 2015 / 7:50 pm

    I love the birds nest! We will have to try and make one. Lovely to meet you and your boys yesterday. x

  2. 9th April 2015 / 8:08 pm

    Love it! Megan asked me today “why is it spring?” And we had a simple chat about seasons…this are some great ideas to teach it!
    I too drift between what season I like best haha I always thought it was Autumn but love flowers growing and baby animals, then I love the world in frost and snow and sunning on the beach and long evenings in the garden..such a dilemma lol.xx

    • 12th April 2015 / 8:19 pm

      Such a ridiculous dilemma! Lol. I’ve finally accepted that I just love them all and now I feel relieved! xx

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