Things that make me happy


I love taking the opportunity to think about what makes me happy, but I’ve never really thought to sit down and document it. Humans are unusual beings, and happiness can come from so many weird and wonderful sources. I often wonder what makes us connect with certain experiences and objects. I think it’s beautiful – it’s what makes us individual, and remarkable.

I have been so uplifted by reading ‘Happy Lists’, so here is mine:

1. Jeans that fit perfectly – so tricky to find.

2. Freshly washed and ironed bedding.

3. Gorgeous wrapping paper.

4. Running with Winston when he’s riding his bike down a hill.

5. Someone holding the door open for me when I have the buggy. Not necessary, but incredibly helpful and kind.

6. When Jared takes the boys to the green to ‘play sports’…even though Ru can’t walk yet.

7. Learning new facts and information.

8. Pond dipping.

9. Scrambled eggs with avocado, rocket and tomatoes for breakfast. Perfection.

10. Sitting at the breakfast bar, looking at a clean kitchen.

11. My day to day life.

12. Waking up feeling refreshed and then having a very long shower.

13. Charity shops.

14. The love that Ru has for ducks and birds.

15. The ZARA sale.

16. The four of us reading on the big bed for a couple of hours.

17. When my Mum plays the piano and we all sing around it.

18. Thermal socks.

19. A day when my hair isn’t frizzy.

20. When I can hear Rufus and Winston laughing uncontrollably together.

21. When items sell on ebay for much more than I was expecting.

22. Winston singing his favourite song – a Christmas song.

23. Fresh flowers around the house.

24. A successful DIY day.

25. When my Mum brings lunch to my house.

26. Taking off in an aeroplane.

27. Making something new.

28. The way Ru can manage to wriggle in between Jared and I no matter how small the gap. We don’t know how he does it.

29. Home Bargains. The shop that surprises you every time you enter.

30. Riding my bike.

31. Scented candles that are lit as soon as I come home – even if it’s summer.

32. Cooking a meal that turns out to be way tastier than expected.

33. A gift, to remind me that someone is thinking of me.

34. Being around a person that inspires me. It just makes me want to be better.

35. Spending time with my siblings.

36. When I actually look good in a photograph.

37. Being outside.

38. Cuddling every morning with my three boys.

39. Organising a space in my home that needs sorting.

40. A parking space that becomes available, just when I need it.

41. When the whole house is hoovered, and then sitting on the sofa to appreciate it.

42. Coconut water.

43. When Winston tries to discipline me: “If you don’t eat your dinner Mum, you won’t be having anything else”.

44. The way I feel after a good session at the gym.

45. Having a bath with Win and Ru, even though it’s not relaxing at all.

46. Getting my nails done or having a massage.

47. Watching a film I really enjoy – it doesn’t happen often.

48. A night at a hotel, followed by a buffet breakfast.

49. YO! Sushi. Hairy prawns to be precise.

50. How excited Winston gets to see his Grandparents. Ru is not a huge fan (- just yet!)

What makes you happy? Write it down and you might just discover something new.

E xx

Thank you Sian for the tag. I tag Natalie at Little Jam Pot Life & Mary at The Hearty Life. No pressure ladies!



  1. 22nd April 2015 / 9:05 am

    Aww, this is so lovely Esther! I love Yo Sushi too (chicken Katsu has my heart! 🙂 ) And that feeling of sitting in a clean house is definitely up there (for the five minutes it lasts!) A gorgeous list xx

    • 29th April 2015 / 3:40 pm

      I’m a fan of chicken katsu too…along with lots of others 😉 Vegetable Tempura is another fave. 5 mins – if that! Haha! x

  2. 23rd April 2015 / 7:06 am

    I love taking off in planes and singing around the piano too haha I love reading everyone’s 50 points of happiness, it makes you smile as you read it x

  3. pottymouthedmummy
    24th April 2015 / 7:41 am

    Love this list and how unique we all are. Thanks for joining in!! xxx

  4. 2nd January 2016 / 9:08 pm

    Such a wonderful list and I’ve just realised I’m tagged, I did do a list too ages ago. Loved these, I can relate to so many 🙂 xx

    • Esther
      5th January 2016 / 11:01 pm

      I probably didn’t even let you know you were tagged! Whooops! x

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