DIY felt party hat tutorial and birthday bunting

felt party hat tutorial

I love felt party hats. They’re long lasting, fun and colourful. I thought I would have a go at making my own after realising how expensive they are to buy. Winston and I loved deciding on all the colour combinations and I’m hoping they will last a life time. I found a felt hat tutorial which was great for ideas and the provision of a template, but in the end I made mine quite differently. Think of mine as a more ‘British’ tutorial.

I haven’t put amounts because it will vary depending how many you want to make. Here is what you need:


9 x 12 felt rectangles – one for each hat, plus a few extra for embellishment

A party hat template (click the link above)

Rick rack and any other embellishments

Pom poms

Heavy duty iron on interfacing

5mm elastic


Sewing machine

Glue gun

Fabric glue

Starch spray




1. Start by pinning the template to each felt rectangle. Cut around the template and also cut a piece of interfacing to match.

2. Prepare all of your pieces. Line a piece of interfacing with a felt cut out.IMG_0678

3. Spray the felt side with starch spray and iron the interfacing on a medium heat until it fuses to the felt. Do not iron on the felt side.

4. Now is a good time to add some embellishment and plan your trims – sew on rick rack, ribbon, pom pom trim or felt trim. It’s up to you.

5. Next, form a cone shape. It’s good to practice this a few time before applying glue. Once you’ve decided on the shape, apply fabric glue to the area that will overlap and pin securely.


6. Use the glue gun to secure larger pom poms to the top and/or sides. I found applying glue to the pom pom first was more effective – then just hold for 10-20 seconds.

7. I left them to dry overnight before sewing on the elastic, but it is not essential. Measure under the chin and cut your elastic an inch shorter.

8. Use a sewing machine to secure the elastic to both sides.

…and there you are. You’ll never have to buy party hats ever again, plus they’re perfect for adults and children alike.

photo (94)This one with five pom poms is my favourite.

Growing up my Mum had a birthday banner that was unpacked the day before each birthday in our household. I thought it was time I made my own version. I used white fabric, letters cut from felt, bias binding and a pom pom trim.

felt birthday buntingE xx



  1. Ashley
    8th February 2016 / 7:21 pm

    Hello! These look great and I would like to try to make one, but I’m not seeing the template link as referenced. Can you please provide it? Thanks!

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