sleepy head on the bed“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″.

Thursday and Friday last week were out of the ordinary which meant the two of them were very tired by lunchtime on Saturday. After a morning of sports the two of them slept for almost two hours on our bed…I managed to join them for one. A very happy accident!

W: Win has never taken an interest in soft toys. Until now that is. ‘Rhinokey’ comes with is everywhere and is half monkey, half rhino. He was Jared’s as a child. Winston has been taking care of his every need for the last two weeks – it has been so lovely to watch. He puts him to bed, encourages him to have a nap, makes sure he is happy and has toys to play with. I’m reliably told that Rhinokey is a one year old boy that is starting to say a few words. Sound familiar?

R: Ru’s personality is coming out more each week. He pulls the saddest faces to try and get us to pick him up – seriously good at acting this one. A boy tried to steal a toy from his hand at playgroup this week and he wasn’t having any of it. Winston would have just given it up straight away at his age. I wonder if it’s because he’s the second child, or just because he has a completely different personality? I’d love to know.

E xx

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