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photo (45)“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″.

W: Winston doesn’t nap any more, but once every few weeks he just cannot stay awake. I’d just taken Ru upstairs for his nap and came down to Winston fast asleep, snoring on the lounge floor. He would not let me move him onto the sofa.

R: We’re trying to crack down on Ru’s routine, as he wakes early (between 5:30-6am) and then is shattered by about 9am. I’m trying to ‘persuade’ him to wake closer to 7am, with one lunchtime nap. It’s proving tricky as often we’re on our way to playgroup at 9am and he just drops off. This is one of the occasions where we were out and he just couldn’t stay awake. I’m not sure we’ll ever see 7am again!

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