Rubear turns one!


Rufus turned one yesterday. I don’t feel like it has gone fast or slow. Just right I would say, but it still feels like a huge milestone – we have managed to keep another child alive for a whole year. Hooray!

Over the Christmas holidays we both felt like we got to know Rufus much better. He was illness free and we were able to try and work out his little personality. His most distinct characteristic is definitely how much he likes to be cuddled. At playgroup he tempts any passing adult by reaching out his arms and making noises…a lot of the time it works and I see him wondering around with various people we know.

His appetite is confusing and has been since he started weaning. Winston was a human waste disposal and he would just keep on eating. Rufus isn’t picky about what he eats, but he is picky about how he eats. Too long of a gap between mouthfuls? No thank you. Too close of a gap between mouthfuls? No thank you. I’m too lazy to pick my own cup up today. My chair isn’t comfy this morning. I don’t like that spoon. How dare you give my brother attention during my meal time. I like to be offered each mouthful three times before accepting. We can’t work him out. I stopped feeding him about 5 weeks ago – I kept forgetting, he wasn’t bothered, so it sort of just happened. A good time for both of us I feel.

It is obvious when you’ve upset him and it happens quickly. He loves the bath. He loves being outside. He is not a fan of his car seat. He likes to know where I am. His favourite thing changes depending on what Winston has in his hand. He’s slept through for 10 days in a row – wahoo. He still just has one dimple. He sleeps on his front and likes you to pat his bum for a few minutes. He likes being sung to. Two (semi) recognisable words are “Da” (Daddy) and “Du” (duck). Seeing Winston in a morning makes him very happy. He’s petite and has a huge belly, just like his brother. He has my tiny nostrils!


It has casually become tradition in our house that you get armbands and a jigsaw for your first birthday, plus you get to eat as much cake as you like with your hands.

…let’s face it – one year olds are far more bothered balloons than presents anyway!

first birthday ru


Winston giving Rufus his gift, which I’m pretty sure he bought with himself in mind. A tractor.

We started with opening presents and cards, playing with balloons then eating chocolate rice cakes. We then headed down for breakfast where we ate Ru’s favourite – fruit and porridge. In the morning the four of us when swimming which was really lovely. They both loved it – although Rufus couldn’t bend his arms at all!




We had a nice time playing when his grandparents came around lunchtime, then when they left I couldn’t get him to nap properly so the birthday boy had a fairly grumpy afternoon. Daddy came home around five so we had dinner and lots of cake.

I now have a one year old and a two year old, which sounds incredibly sensible and grown up!

Happy Birthday Rufus.




E xx


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  1. 13th January 2015 / 7:48 am

    Looks like the perfect 1st bday. Happy birthday Rubear x

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