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If you’ve sent me a card with a lovely image on it in the last ten years – I’ve probably still got it. I just can’t throw away pieces of card that make me happy when I look at them, and I often buy postcards that I like the look of too. It can be anything. A goose, a lemon, snowdrops, vintage adverts, a lady in a dress, a girl holding a balloon or a bicycle. I now have a large collection of beautiful images carefully stashed away in a jiffy bag (I said carefully) that I am desperate to display in my house, along with some family pictures and pictures of my late grandparents. I want them to be part of our home. I’ve been called a magpie more than once due to my love of pretty things and desire to collect small knick knacks.

I’ve been getting some ideas together of how I can display them to minimise clutter and maximise impact, as I like things to be visible, yet out of temptations way of a two year old. I never thought my house would be so white, but I love white walls at the moment as they allow so much more freedom with fabrics, pictures and accessories – perfect for displaying an abundance of random photographs, postcards and cards.

As usual Pinterest didn’t disappoint and I am now feeling more pressure than ever to create a space that does my beloved pictures justice. I look through my jiffy bag sporadically and it appears I have a weakness for birds, flowers and black and white images.

display bits on a ledge2bc7d3a987127923a6cec091545ef588

photos and frames on a ledge

I love the use of ledges, not only for pictures but for keepsakes, treasures, flowers and ornaments. They are so versatile.

postcardsin frame

glass frames for postcards


I love the use of frames – large ones, glass ones and the use of an old window frame.


postcard display at home


Pegs arranged in slightly different ways can create such a different effect.

postcards around the door



All images via Pinterest.

I love florals and botanical prints and the haphazard way these are arranged.

We’re going to go with some ledges and a door surround, but we can’t agree on where…and I’m sure ours will not be very Pinterest-worthy!

E xx



  1. 6th January 2015 / 10:25 am

    We bought some of the IKEA picture ledges at the weekend – they look great! It’s lovely to arrange and rearrange anytime you like. I’ve even added a few little cacti to add more colour. A project in the future I’d like to do is to make my own, a little wider to fit more on.

    • 6th January 2015 / 2:36 pm

      We bought some IKEA ledges at the weekend too! We just can’t decide where to put them. Cacti sounds like a great addition, I love plants and wider would be fantastic. More space for lovely things. I definitely have a few extra bits in mind to put on! x

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