REVIEW: Snufflebabe

I’d definitely forgotten how snuffly, ill and uncomfortable the first year can be for babies, and distressing for us as parents as we desperately try to find out what is wrong – teething? colic? constipation? ear ache? cough? cold? hungry? tiredness? temperature? sore throat? We’ve been fans of the Snufflebabe Vapour Rub since Winston was a baby, but I didn’t realise there were five other products out there to ease a variety of ailments – all available at Boots or Superdrug.

A couple of weeks ago Winston went to stay with my parents for a few nights, so I was looking forward to getting to know Rufus better and taking him swimming. However, Ru had other ideas, and was up almost every hour, both nights with a blocked nose and cough. His first opportunity since he was three days old to have our undivided attention, and he was ill.

Snufflebabe Vapour Rub and Snufflebabe Vapour Oil contain the essential oils eucalyptus, menthol and thyme. These oils help relieve congestion, which can be a huge problem when feeding. I rub the vapour rub on his back and on the soles of his feet before bed, then add a few drops of the vapour oil in a bowl of hot water, and leave it in his bedroom. I found these two invaluable, and both can be used from 3 months of age.

snufflebabe-vapour-rubsnufflebabe-vapour-oilThe Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator is also a rather handy gadget. It physically sucks the mucous from your baby’s nose to clear their nostrils. Babies don’t know how to blow their noses and this is just brilliant. It has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Outstanding Innovation. Not many products are suitable from birth, but the aspirator is.

snufflebabe-nasal-aspiratorThe Sunfflebabe Nasal Spray and the Sunfflebabe Nasal drops contain saline solution to help clear congestion and get rid of bacteria. We used the spray with Ru as he’s wriggly, and using the drops takes a little longer. I found it really helped to loosen the mucous. They are both suitable from birth too.

snufflebabe-nasal-spraysnufflebabe-nasal-dropsThe last product in the range is the Snufflebabe Inhaler Dummy, which we didn’t get to use as Ru is not a dummy fan. A couple of drops of Snufflebabe Vapour Oil can be added to the chamber, releasing the decongestant into your baby’s nose. I’m going to be hanging on to this one for next time!

snufflebabe-inhaler-dummyI also find the shower is fantastic at clearing congestion – every morning and every night when it’s relentless.

What Snufflebabe products have you used, and which is your favourite?

E xx

We were sent the full range of Snufflebabe products, free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts and feelings expressed are my own. 



  1. Leah Longley
    10th December 2014 / 7:12 am

    I used the snuffle babe Vapor rub last night on richy. Sooo glad I had some in the house as during the night his nose was all blocked up. I’d recommend it! It’s something I keep in my house all the time aswell as paracetamol!!!

    • 10th December 2014 / 9:48 pm

      I know! It’s fantastic isn’t it?! I feel the same way about it! I quite like putting a bit under my nose too! Hope he’s better soon! xx

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