Pretty gift paper by The Pepin Press

I love packaging, but my absolute favourite has to be brown paper and string. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to gorgeous papers, simple embellishments and thoughtful touches. I love anything natural with leaves, twigs, flowers, wooden beads, twine and stamps.

However, sometimes I do like paper that is a tad special. Whilst rustling around at my parents house I discovered a few The Pepin Press books of gift paper that my Mum purchased from Hobbycraft. I spent a good half an hour appreciating their beauty. Each book is themed – everything from Skeletons, Tattoos, Chinese, Islamic, 1920s Fashion, Lace, Cars, Musical Instruments and they are all stunning.

Batik pepin pressbaroque

paisley pepin press




After a lot of deliberation between Chinese, Batik & India, I decided to go for India. They are so beautiful.


They are £9.99 for 12 sheets of thick wrapping paper, and I’m (a bit too) precious about using them. Secretly hoping I have another one under the Christmas tree!

E xx

This is not a sponsored post. I just love them. 


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