Making the most of pumpkins

…a post on all things pumpkin.

We started the week with a visit to the pumpkin festival at Farmer Copley‘s which was busy, with lots going on. They ran out of pumpkins on Wednesday – so it was bring your own after then. There was a fancy dress parade, tractor rides, pumpkin carving, a corn cannon, pumpkin picking, story telling, face painting, holding creepy crawlies and lots more. We went with some friends and a couple of his cousins. The (unsurprising) highlight for Winst was a tractor ride. He didn’t want to buy a pumpkin, so we didn’t!

farmer copleys pumpkin patch

I know what you’re thinking…he doesn’t get his dress sense from me!

winston pumpkin

winston farmer copleys

pumpkins farmer copleys

farmer copleys tractor

We got to hold some creepy crawlies – snakes, a tortoise, a tarantula, millipedes and a bearded dragon. Can you spot Ru’s little face on the picture below?

farmer copleys

winston and tortoise

Winston was initially thrilled to hold the tortoise and then after about 20 seconds he said: “Take it off me!”

We did carve some pumpkins which involved more tantrums than fun (by far), but we did produce something in the end.

photo (47)

photo (48)

Baking some scary cupcakes for the trick or treaters was much more enjoyable!

Food wise we’ve made pumpkin soup, pumpkin brownies and aamazing ‘chocolate shake’, where I used pumpkin instead of sweet potato. It is verging on an obsession. I’ve been having it as part of my breakfast or as a snack and freezing stewed pumpkin in batches.

I’ll be making a pumpkin stew on Sunday. Anything I’ve missed? We need to make the most of them!

E xx


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