The Christmas Experience at Stockeld Park

I am feeling so festive after our family outing to The Christmas Experience at Stockeld Park last night. My sister in law told us about a voucher a few weeks ago, so it was a great price for the four of us. With a baby and a toddler we couldn’t do all of the activities but the atmosphere was magic, the food lovely and the shop brilliant.

We started with The Enchanted Forest and then spent a good chunk of time on the ice rink. We didn’t expect them to have Winston sized ice skates but they did, and he loved it. Winston has been lacking in confidence in a few ways recently, so it was nice to see him trying something new. He was trying to persuade us to let him stay longer, but our backs had given up on us.

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Next time I’d love to have a go at Nordic Skiing – it looked fantastic. They also have a huge maze, a Santa’s grotto, a 4D sleigh experience and lots more going on. Most of the activities are more suited to over 3’s – but the lights, sounds and animals are so appealing to younger ones. It was the first time I have felt really cold this winter, so make sure you take some gloves.

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This Monday we fly out to Berlin for a few days which I am beyond excited about. I’ve never been to Germany before (I’m not sure how I’ve managed to avoid it for so long) and I can’t wait to soak it all up. We’ll be planning our trip over the next few days, to include some Christmas markets, I hope! I found the Berlin for all the Family blog, which I know will come in handy with two kids in tow.

Our first family holiday with just the four of us – I can’t wait!

I’ve gone a bit Christmas mad already, ja? Such a change.

Jared and I are starting to feel confused about the whole Santa thing – we don’t really know what to do. We’ve decided to not bring him up and see what Winston picks up on. W was not satisfied with our answer to “Where is Christmas?” on the way home from Stockeld Park and kept asking it over and over again. “What is Christmas?” is a far easier question to answer.

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