The 52 Project – 47/52

winston valley gardens pontefract

rufus IMAG1308

 “A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2014″.

W: I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed with the whole ‘being a parent’ over the last few of weeks – the pressure and responsibility to help shape two other people into well balanced, happy beings can really build up. I never imagined how difficult being a parent would be, and I never imagined how rewarding it would be – both can be felt so, so intensely. Saying that, we have had a lovely week (the two before that – not so much) and this picture was taken in one of our quieter moments. Near our local town centre is quite a large walled garden and we often go on our way back from our travels. There’s a big hill that Winston always runs down, lots of dogs that he runs and screams from and a little stream. He throws things in and follows them down, and it’s lovely to watch. After half an hour or so – Winston didn’t want to leave, but Ru didn’t want to stay! A situation very common in parenthood (!) and yes, he is wearing shorts.

R: I’m not sure how we managed to get him looking straight at the camera but I love this picture a. because he’s wearing an outfit Winston used to wear as a baby and b. because you can really see how much his eyes and nose are like mine, which makes me very happy. We’ve discovered Ru doesn’t like the bath – he loves it! and it turns him a bit wild. He starts shouting and dancing madly.

I won tickets to The Country Living Fair in Harrogate (yey!) and am going with my Mum this Friday. She’s hoping for a nice day out – I’m hoping for some parenting tips!

E xx


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